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Are you having a hard time figuring out the true value of your Heavy Equipment, Trucks, or other items? Before you trade or sell, consider getting a certified appraisal.

It can be quite challenging to figure out the value of equipment, given the large amount of variables affecting that outcome. Using websites that “calculate” values aren’t always accurate because they cannot always account for supply and demand at the current moment, and doing your own research can be overwhelming and time consuming.

ISA has CAGA Certified appraisers that provide values for a variety of appraisal situations! At no cost to you, you can work with ISA to establish a value for your equipment before you go shopping, giving you the bargaining power you need to get a great deal!

ISA’s Certified Appraisers can provide you with three different values to consider when trading or selling:

Fair Market Retail Value

~The amount your machine or vehicle would be listed for if sold at retail by a dealer.

Auction Value Estimate

~A value range that your machine will bring at an auction event.

Trade Value

~The amount that is a fair trade offer for your machine or vehicle.

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