Appraisals are an essential part of what we do.

We specialize in industrial and commercial personal property appraisals.  There are several different reasons for getting an appraisal. Each of these will assign a value to your assets based on either replacement cost, fair market value or other valuations if requested. 

Types of Appraisals

Loan Collateral

This appraisal will assign a fair market value to your personal property. This gives your bank the needed information for using your personal property to secure the loan.

Equitable Distribution Appraisal

This type of appraisal is often needed when dividing assets between parties. A fair market value is assigned to the assets.

Insurance Appraisals

An insurance appraisal will give you a replacement value for your personal property in the case of an insurance claim. These appraisals should be updated every 3-5 years depending on the types of personal property.


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