Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get paid for items I sell at auction?

ISA collects all payments and settles the auction in the two weeks following the auction, checks and settlement report are guaranteed to be mailed within 30 days, but are usually mailed within 14 days of the final auction day.

How do I sell an item at auction?

Consigning at ISA’s auctions is as easy as just dropping your items off. Contracting can be done on-site or online and then we take it from there. Once items arrive, we photograph, describe and take care of everything that needs to be done to sell your item.

How do I know that my items won’t get mixed up with other consignor’s items or forgotten?

ISA practices strict inventory control and loss prevention procedures. When you contract, you are assigned a consignor code in our inventory control system. That consignor code is physically applied to the items you bring during the receiving process. Once completely inventoried, all items are audited to make sure that you get paid for all items you have brought to the sale.

 Does ISA assist with unloading my items?

ISA has a full staff on-site, loading dock and a variety of machines to unload items that arrive for the sale.

Where are you located?

ISA is conveniently located just off of Hwy 51 about 10 miles north of Wausau. Take exit 205, head west on Cty. Q and then south on Tree Lane. Right across the highway from The 51 Truck Stop.

When can I start dropping items off for the auction?

We begin intake for an auction as soon as pick-up for the prior auction ends. Items can be brought anytime during our normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8AM-3PM. If you need to make other arrangements, let us know, we will be happy to work with you.

Is there a deadline for Dropping off items for the sale?

To insure that you receive proper advertising and exposure to maximize the bid on your items, you should have all of the items you would like to sell delivered at least 21 days prior to the auction. This allows us to process items and market them to potential buyers through all of our marketing sources. Potential buyers may need to secure financing and inspect items before deciding to buy and waiting to bring your items may make it difficult for buyers, meaning you will not receive the maximum price for your items. The absolute cut-off for consignments is 7 days before the event, anything brought in this time-frame will be rejected or sold in the next auction.

What are your rates for selling at auction?

ISA’s standard rates are 6.9% after $2,500 AND 10% for the first $2,500 or less. To maintain a higher quality of items being consigned to the online only portion of the sale, there will be a minimum commission of $25 per lot.

How do I arrange shipment of items to ISA?

ISA will assist with transportation of your items to our location, if you do not have your own transportation. Costs will vary depending on the size of the load, and distance and permitting required.

Am I liable or responsible for something I sell after the auction?

All items are sold As-Is, Where-Is with no warranties implied and it is the buyers responsibility to inspect all items before purchasing. This releases you of all liability or responsibility of the item, once it is sold. ISA practices buyer/seller confidentiality and will never share or advertise your information to buyers unless you give approval to do so.


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