ISA Welcomes Todd Anderson To The Team!

ISA is excited to announce the newest member of our team, Todd Anderson! Todd is going to be fulfilling the role of Sales Manager, increasing the depth of service that ISA provides to Equipment Managers and businesses that utilize auctions as part of their equipment management strategy. Todd brings a wealth of experience to the table with a proven history in sales, but also auctions.

Todd is a graduate of The World Wide College Of Auctioneering, obtaining an associate’s degree and began his career calling bids at cattle auctions in Western Wisconsin. From there he worked as an operator for a construction company before moving into his current pursuit of sales management. For the last 22 years he has been demonstrating his professionalism in the Heavy Transportation Industry. His former role was General Sales Manager at Kriete Group, formerly known as Scaffidi Truck Center. He is also associated with the Children’s Miracle Network and Ronald McDonald House Charities. It was Todd’s love of auctions and several years of experience with industry professionals that made him the best fit for this role.

With ISA’s continual expansion, Todd was brought on board to continue to provide the exceptional service our customers expect, as well as catalyze growth. ISA has over doubled in size every year since conception and with current market conditions, this year is no exception. With our thousands of customers per auction, Todd will be helping them get their items to the sale earlier to ensure that they get the best price.

If you haven’t spoken with Todd yet, there is a good chance you will, he will be directly working with customers to assist them with contracting and delivery of items. He is already on the road, working with customers across the Midwest for the next upcoming auction in October. If you have equipment to consign or have questions about selling at auction, give Todd a call.

Todd’s Contact Info:


Direct Line: 715-551-2181


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